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Hi there.

If you’ve stumbled on this page you’re either wondering about me or inadvertently miss-clicked. Either way…welcome!

I’m a CPA (inactive) turned poet and writer of largely fictional things, because who needs more reality? When not working, writing, or wrangling four tiny humans, you can find me running local trails and sipping lattes at my favorite cafe.

Because, you know…coffee 🖤

A voracious reader, and introspective by nature, poetry is both my indulgence and saving grace.

It is infinite gray in a sea of black and white.

It is Poetry that’s kept me sane this past year and carried…

Embracing the life you imagined

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

is there
to gain by
living your life
fearing rather than
finding something bigger
to embrace and believe in?
For even the greatest of men,
the bravest, most powerful women
are nothing apart from faith in something

© Steph Thompson 2021

Ever notice how every great story has an overcomer? An altruistic hero or heroine who rises above, despite the odds?

They all have one thing in common: they’re motivated by conviction.

Simply put, a conviction is a deeply held belief.

Humans are driven by conviction. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. What spurs us…

A poem

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Listless nights, I’m going under
Ostracized and torn asunder
Sympathy, no longer offered
Tortured by the path, now altered

Authored from inside of me
Nothing left to hold, I bleed
Dying to the dream, awaken —

Face the day, with brave, unshaken
Outside not reflecting in
Underneath the sun, begin…
Never letting others see…
…Drowning in reality

© Steph Thompson 2021

Just some thoughts about this poem…the phrase Lost and Found really struck me. I find that Lost and Found is not so much a one-time event as it is the daily, moment-by-moment struggle of embracing and letting go. …

Photo by Joey Nicotra Unsplash

A Poem of Regret

Life Lessons

Image from Pexels (Creative Commons Zero)

Bend over and take it,
fake it
if you have to
whatever you can to
make it through.
Prove you’re strong,
An eternal optimist, that’s you —
truth over obstacle.
If it’s possible,
it’s probable…
and you’re claiming it.
Name it,
and it will be.
There’s nothing in your way,
what you’ve accomplished?
The world will be astonished
set aflame,
step up to the plate, son
this ain’t no game.
You’ve got to run if you want to make it.
There ain’t no other way to say it.
So just bend over,
and take it.

This poem…

Sтepн Tнoмpѕoɴ

Poet and Author of Sweet Disaster, a romance set in Baltimore (Orange Blossom Publishing, June 2022) 🖤 Check out for more details!

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