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Hi there.

If you’ve stumbled on this page you’re either wondering about me or have inadvertently miss-clicked. Either way…welcome!

I’m a CPA (inactive) turned poet and writer of largely fictional things, because who needs more reality? When not working, writing, or wrangling four tiny humans, I’m running local trails and sipping lattes at my favorite cafe.

Because, you know…coffee 🖤

A voracious reader, and introspective by nature, poetry is both my indulgence and saving grace.

It is infinite gray in a sea of black and white.

It is Poetry that’s kept me sane this past year.

As has writing my…

Life Lessons

Image from Pexels (Creative Commons Zero)

Bend over and take it,
fake it
if you have to
whatever you can to
make it through.
Prove you’re strong,
An eternal optimist, that’s you —
truth over obstacle.
If it’s possible,
it’s probable…
and you’re claiming it.
Name it,
and it will be.
There’s nothing in your way,
what you’ve accomplished?
The world will be astonished
set aflame,
step up to the plate, son
this ain’t no game.
You’ve got to run if you want to make it.
There ain’t no other way to say it.
So just bend over,
and take it.

This poem…

A Poem of Growing Mindfulness

Photo by Zach Reiner on Unsplash

What if our words are like a seed?
Once planted, rooted, none can see,
the roots that grow both far and wide —
for nourishment, they should provide.

But what if seeds were caustic things,
sprouting roots with venomous stings
inflicting pain on those who dare
to trim the weeds with loving care.

Would not one day our forests be
dark pathways of disparity
with wounded trees, in desperate need
of tenderness on which to feed?

Oh, listen now, of this take heed
in life, you’re given just one seed.
So, plant your words with seeds in mind. …

Quarantine Detox

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

This Pandemic’s got me drinking,
it don’t matter when —
a splash of Vodka with my Collagen.

Straight up
or on the rocks…
my little quarantine detox.

But then…

…what even is Collagen?

Promisn’ instant change,
magic elixir,
hair growth fixer,
powdered shit — just stir and mix

Don’t think about it.

FDA approved?

I doubt it.

Doesn’t matter though,
long as my nails’ll grow —
two weeks in, I’m gettin’ thin
skin all a glow.

Hair flowin’ nicely,
precisely as I planned.
I’m looking young again.

But then…

…maybe that’s the Vodka talkin’.

Disclaimer…the author in no…

Sтepн Tнoмpѕoɴ

She fled confession, knelt beneath a downcast willow, and wept for the world 🖤

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